Forever young tea pack
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Forever young tea pack

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Forever young tea pack contains three teas Be Young, Immunity and Skin health tea,


Immunity tea: Health tea heightens the body’s self-protection ability, lessens risk of getting cold and losing workability, and also hastens healing after cold or fever.

Be YoungA combination of herbs that indirectly improve inner organ functions and slows down the aging process. Tea enhances physical and spiritual power; by using this tea people feel younger, stronger; it helps to start healthier lifestyle which leads to being younger longer.

Health tea for Skin: This combination of herbs have a quality of lessening allergies and inflammations, improving metabolism. To improve the condition of the skin, the body needs to be healed.


You can enjoy them for special price 75kr for 3pcs or 100kr for 4pcs or 120kr for 5pcs. Mix'n'Match!

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