Herbal Health Tea (calmness, relaxation and sleep)
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Herbal Health Tea (calmness, relaxation and sleep)

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Tea for calmness; it can be used in the mornings for tense nerves. Relaxing, yet refreshing and uplifting. Nature has provided us with it's finest herbs that calm us down and help us fall into a peaceful sleep.


Hawthorn – decreases nervousness

Peppermint and balm – tones up and refreshes, mood uplifter

Meadow-sweet – lessens stressful feelings

Valerian – causes sleepiness (but only when one’s already in bed)

Heather – light sleepiness enhancer

Common borage – strengthens nerve-system and gives pleasant aroma to tea

! It is not advised to drink i before long distance driving or operating heavy machinery as this tea enables sleepiness. !

Net weight: 60 g

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